Hi, my name is Varvara Goenka.
I am a coach, psychologist, author, leader and creator of transformational programs.
I now reside in Miami, but have an “international nomad” background: born and raised in Russia, I’ve been moving around since I was 19: 8 years in Mainland China, 5 years in Hong Kong, and 7 years and counting in the United States (Miami, New York). I speak fluent Russian, English and Mandarin chinese. 你好!

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was 20. My first business was a model agency in China, Guangzhou. 

Having reached a conventional “success” standard - my own business, properties, cars, travel and entertainment - pretty early, by 25 years old I felt really empty and reached an existential crisis stage.
Which led me the path of self discovery and searching for meaning through the lens of various self-development practices: from family constellations to spirituality, from psychedelics to personal growth trainings.
Мой путь

You can say I am still on this path, which truly is a mountain with no top.

I did, however, found big personal transformation, and now i’m not anymore searching for myself or meaning, rather, I create my meaning expressing it in my work and contribution to others.
What I also got out of this journey other than personal insights is psychology degree and trainers’ experience. Since 2013 I’ve been leading transformational seminars as well as conducting individual coaching/counseling sessions.
Here you can read more about my work methods and how to schedule your consult.

Or you can read my thoughts on self-development, relationships and take a peek on our life in Miami in my blog or instagram chanel.


My husband Pallava is an Australian of Indian descent. We met in Hong Kong and moved to the United States together. 

Our story is an example of two people whose romantic relationships were going in vicious circles until we were able to break free from that scenario through personal work and build a dream marriage and a family.
Recently we became parents to wonderful little boy whose name is Kiaan Kai, and nothing can be more fulfilling to us, he’s pure joy.

All of that would not be remotely possible if i didn’t put myself on the path of transformation at 25 years old.

Your path might look very different, and I will happily become your guide and partner on this trip. Buckle up!