Psychologist, coach, trainer, have led transformational programs and business seminars.
I have experienced transformation in all aspects of my life: business, finances, relationship, motherhood. And now it is my turn to take others on this journey of transformation and psychological freedom.
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I use integrative approach in my work - which means, using all instruments that I have under my belt

Psychological degree
MS of Applied Psychology, City University of Hong Kong
MS Mental Health Counseling, City University of New York
Therapeutic approaches
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (Beck Institute USA)
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
EFT (Emotions Focused Therapy)
Narrative Therapy
Existential Therapy
Coaching approach
Tranformational Ontological Coaching - I spent 9 years leading group programs in leading training company for personal and professional development.
Mindfullness Elements
Mindfullness Therapy
Elements of buddhist practices
I am experienced meditator and certified yoga teacher myself and attended numerous retreats by different schools and teachers.
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years in counseling
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countries where my clients live
My approach

My clients have best results in areas which are close to my heart, where I have personal experience of overcoming same or similar difficulties.

I am a practitioner, who likes to personally test methodologies on myself as well as my clients. Which means any technique that I’m giving you I have experienced first-hand and I am confident that it works. It also lets me understand how you feel, but also give you confidence that you can make the desired change just like myself and many of my clients did. Transformation can happen in a moment, but it can be a process to get to that moment.
95% of my clients come out of our work with clear understanding of source of their difficulties, direction where they need to go, new skills of reacting in difficult situations. Very often the problem you came to work on gets resolved in the process of our work together - you get that dream relationship, work position you want or new feeling of self-worth, sometimes it’s later, sometimes the goal changes in the process.
Specifics of my work

Most common issues that I work with

Romantic Relationships
I work with couples as well as individually with the person who is bothered by the situation.
I want to be in a relationship, but can’t find anyone
I always pick the “wrong” guys: not available or non-commital
Problems in existing relationships: doubts, infidelity, boredom
Non-romantic relationship: with parents, boss, friends
Your relationships with the people around you-not the things you own-directly determine the quality of your life: happiness, joy, and satisfaction.
Separation from parents (even if you have not been living together for a long time, don’t talk or even if they are not here anymore)
You are triggerred by certain kinds of relationships, such as authority figures - for example, freeze and can’t speak clearly in front of my boss or certain kind of person 
Can’t keep my boundaries, can’t say “no”
Relationship with myself
Self-worth, confidence, happiness, ability to reach goals, energy management 
Objectively everything is “fine” but something is missing. I don’t know what I want.
Feeling stagnant, can’t accomplish what i really want
Can’t make choice or important life decision
I am doing everything for others and have no energy left for myself
Always unsatisfied with myself and my results
Take my successes for granted and eat myself alive for mistakes/failures
I am quite happy with my life, but love to develop and learn more about myself
If you don’t have a specific goal, we can clarify it on our first session and look into what you would like to accomplish from our sessions
You don’t have to only work with counselor when you have “big problems”
Sometimes relatively calm life period when you don’t have to constantly put out fires can allow you a luxury of “deep dive” into self-discovery and find “gold” - resources to make your life go beyond your wildest dreams
Because when you don’t have anomalies it’s just a “zero” point
Perhaps, it’s time to go “above zero”
For whom

Didn’t find your issue? Write to me and we will explore together and see if I can help you.

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Possible results after working with me

You will see where “your foot is nailed to the floor” in the areas where you have been stuck
You will see new possibilities you haven’t seen before
You will have choice between old and new behavioral patterns
You will have influx of energy, confidence in your abilities and new resources
You will have clear vision of your situation, goals and actions
Your relationships will improve
Quality of life will increase
My personal favorite: unexpected results that you didn’t expect or didn’t even KNOW TO WANT

How to start working with me

Meetings are conducted online, usually in Zoom.
Our first meeting is a longer intake session where we clarify your goals, I introduce my method, and you can feel whether the way I work and myself as a person is a match for you.
After this we will make join decision about the format of our work together.
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Start working

How long and how often?

I prefer medium length and long-term work. We will be looking at and reprogramming the models and patterns of behavior it took your whole life for you to learn and practice
For me working with counselor or coach is a lifestyle. Much like gym for the body, this is your gym for the mind. I myself am always in some kind of therapy or coaching structure. And I will be happy to become that kind of partner for your growth and development.
Single consultation
75 minutes
We can address/work on one specific question/situation.

You will get my insight and professional outlook on your problem and potential direction of working on it.

If after first session you will decide to continue work in longer format - I will include your first session payment into your package.
5 consultations
5*60 minutes
When you buy a package what’s also included is limited support between sessions by text messages. I can hold you accountable for the homework I gave you or you can ask adhoc urgent questions.
10 consultations
10*60 minutes
When you buy a package what’s also included is limited support between sessions by text messages. I can hold you accountable for the homework I gave you or you can ask adhoc urgent questions.
Work format

What my customers say about me


The realization of the need for self improvement came when I started having anger issues and relationship problems, that’s when I understood that I need help of a therapist. How lucky I am to find Varya in the world of social media! She helped me tremendously to work through my issues. I was very nervous to open up at first, but Varya made me feel comfortable and she truly transformed my life. The benefit that I gained after 6 months of therapy with her is indescribable. I learned how to deal with stress and not get into the vicious overthinking cycle, my relationships are better than ever - with myself, my partner, and my friends; we worked through my childhood traumas that were buried deep deep down for so many years, and most importantly, I learned how to be vulnerable. For me, this was one of the most transformative experiences of my life that I am beyond thankful for. If you’re in search for a therapist, don’t look any further!

Daria B

New York

Varya, today something happened at work that I want to share and which will show clearly what I have achieved working with you. I'm on a three day trip and I'm flying with a nice girl who we quickly bonded with and learned a lot about each other in a couple of days. On our last flight there was very strong turbulence and we sat in the back cockpit of the plane and talked. At some point, she turned to me and said: "Sasha, I need to share something, I rarely seek advice, but you seem to be a very conscious person who can give adequate advice and share his point of view." And at that moment I realized: I am almost 35 years old, but I cannot remember when someone said this about me. I have never been the person to whom anyone turned for advice. I am cheerful, kind, I will always listen. But it was more common in my life that advice was given to me. It was difficult for me to describe my emotions, to open up to others. But now, in just a couple of days, I made such an impression on someone? I can describe in detail what I experienced at that moment: boundless happiness and a sense of pride in myself. I could hardly hold back my tears and listened to my friend and we had a very deep conversation and I was able to share my point of view and share experiences from my life. She hugged me at the end and said: "I knew that you are the right person who can help me, and I feel much better after our conversation."
Varya, our work is yielding results, and as never before I am ready to work even more on myself, and become happier and happier. Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward to our next session. 😊



Varvara, I love to let you know that Alberto and I got engaged on August 21 and will be getting married on November 11th 2019.  I am sharing this with you because you helped me choose to live and accept my husband's passing.  By choosing to live and giving myself the possibility of opening up my heart to love and be love immensely in return. I will always be very grateful for you helping me get to the last level of grief and being able to love and love again in return. Thank you for helping me choose to live.  Sending your way much love and happiness. Ilona



I was Varvara’s client for more than a year. She proved to be an extremely knowledgeable and competent professional who can support and help clients through the transformation process. Varvara helped me adapt to a new country, re-design my work-life balance and improve my relationship with my husband and kids. She tremendously helped me lower my anxiety and stress level (I was her client during the lockdown era), and I could not be more grateful to her!



Varya helps me get through a difficult stage in my life. Thanks to our sessions, I have finally been able to have the courage to answer honestly to myself what I really want and, just as importantly, allow myself to have it. I'm still on the path, but thanks to Varya, I feel that I'm on the right track. I was stuck for a very long time on my own before I found her. In addition, I have great trust and respect for Varya. It's amazing how accurately, but at the same time gently, Varya directs our sessions. I am not at all afraid to open up to her and follow her prompts. I sincerely recommend Varya. She is a unique combination of wisdom, knowledge, experience (not only professional, but also personal), sensitivity, tolerance, faith in a person, and strong belief, that everyone can be happy.

Sophia M


It took me long time to finally commit to therapy and oh, if I knew how useful it would prove to be, I wish i would have come to Varya earlier. We met Varya at one of her master classes on time management back in 2020. I subscribed to her blog on Instagram and, to be honest, i got hooked. But only last year I finally scheduled a a session with her. Initially, my request was the problem of self-realization, but with each session we dived into all aspects of my life, including relationships with a partner, colleagues, friends and work. Varya listens very attentively and directs. I really like that our sessions are held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is almost like I'm just talking to a friend in my living room. Therapy helped me a lot and still helps to this day. I treat my problems very differently these daysthan it was before meeting Varya. She is a true professional who I can recommend to everyone.

Yulia B

New York

Embark on your transformational journey with me as your partner and guide

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